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Organic dog shampoo collaboration with Attirecare

Organic dog shampoo collaboration with Attirecare

Our new product, in collaboration with lifestyle brand Attirecare, is Organic Dog Shampoo. Attirecare produce natural, earth conscious essentials and products for your home.

Sampling and ideas creation for this dog shampoo started over a year ago. At Occam we know good things take time and so we took as much of that as we needed in order to create a product we are truly proud of. It was important for us to make something that didn't duplicate what was already available on the market. We wanted to incorporate our interest in using natural resources whilst thinking about purposeful design within the cosmetic industry.

At the start of our process Seb and Abi, the founders of Attirecare, didn't have a dog of their own but they were keen to expand their range and collaborate with us to create a dog shampoo free from chemicals and noxious ingredients. Attirecare have subsequently added Jax, a Cocker Spaniel, to their pack and he has been a chief tester of all final shampoo stages.

Occam's first objective was to make a dog shampoo that could diminish the putrid smell of fox poo as this is Seymour's favourite eau de parfum. Tomato Ketchup is a well known hack for getting this stench out of a dogs coat. The ingredient that actually neutralises that smell is vinegar; so that is the natural ingredient we started with and forms the base of our organic shampoo.

Our second objective was to use ingredients that eliminated odours, didn't cause any dandruff and didn't leave the dog smelling more of wet dog than it did previously.

As we become more conscious about the products we use on our dog’s fur or skin the use of natural ingredients is essential. The shampoo smells divine and is packed full of nourishing oils including tea tree, coconut, cedar wood and lavender. Cedar wood is a natural flea and tick repellant whilst coconut oil maintains the moisture in your dog's coat. Coconut oil moisturises short haired dogs like whippets (especially those with bald patches) and also helps to detangle a longer coat like Jax's below. These organic ingredients create a hypoallergenic shampoo fit for dogs and humans too!

We have used a 250ml glass vessel and aluminium cap; both are recyclable or nice enough that we encourage you to repurpose them for another use - maybe a refill of your own shampoo from your local zero waste shop? The sleeve is waterproof so the instructions do not disappear and is printed and purchased from a fully sustainable-certified source. The original line drawing on the label is of Seymour, illustrated by Nadja back in 2017, when Occam first launched.

We're proud to say that soon our Organic Dog Shampoo will be available to purchase with an aluminium pump as an add-on if you need it. We tend to think it's easier to pour a little into the palm of your hand, especially if your dog is anxious to get bath time over with, but that choice is entirely up to you.

It's been an absolute pleasure to work with Abi and Seb on this product, we think it's just the start of our working relationship together so watch this space!!

The Organic Dog Shampoo RRP £16. Buy it here