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Thoughtfully design & consciously made whippet coats

Thoughtfully design & consciously made whippet coats

We’re a work in progress! Being small allows us to be nimble, responsive and thoughtful. This enables Occam to make the best possible coats for your Whippet or Italian Greyhound.

Every step of production from pattern, to construction, to sale is considered. Longevity and low impact production being our main focus.

Read on to learn more about our small batch production.

making a whippet jumper

Made in the UK 

We don’t outsource or use factory production. All of our coats are made in the UK, by hand, in our London studio. And our team are paid a fair wage. 

We keep our supply chain small. From our fabrics to paper mailing bags, everything is sourced as locally as possible.

The steps above are a conscious decision enabling us to reduce our waste and limit our impact on our environment. 


a human making a whippet coat


Purposeful design

'Do one thing well'

We’ve been making coats for Whippets and Italian greyhounds for over 4 years. 

Our designs are informed by first hand experience, understanding the sighthound form and their requirements to create functional, timeless garments. 

Occam started with one design, to fill a gap in the market. Over the years our community has grown, and with that informed design decisions, creating a collection of garments with purpose.

a human sewing a whippet coat

Minimal waste

Being small is beneficial. It means we control the numbers.

We’re responsive to demand and each product is made in batches. One week we make Wren, the next we make Quinn, and so on.

Even our packaging is low impact. Everything is either recyclable or biodegradable.

If you would like more information on how to care for and extend the life cycle of our products you can follow this link.

making a whippet jumper from cotton

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