Whippet Coats

Italian Greyhound Clothing

whippet coat

Consciously designed and made in small batches in our London studio by a highly skilled team.

black whippet jumper made from 100% boiled wool

Materials are researched extensively before use resulting in resilient and timeless garments that live beyond season.


A multi functional and practical whippet onesie skilfully designed for all activities. Made from UK woven cotton.

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When do whippets calm down?

When do whippets calm down?

Did you know that the most searched question about whippets on Google is ‘When do whippets calm down?’ 

Online sources say whippets start to calm down around the 18-month mark, others say much older. So, we’ve conducted research of our own, speaking with a vet, a behaviourist and whippet-owners of the internet to get a more accurate answer about these curious creatures.

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