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A portable settle mat for dogs

A portable settle mat for dogs

Sploot is a water resistant, portable and functional dog settle mat. A settle mat is beneficial for dogs especially in new spaces. Sploot provides a sense of comfort and safety. This settle mat was designed because we're fed up of carrying a blanket around in a tote bag.

a portable dog settle mat

 When Is Sploot Available?

    We make a micro batch of Sploots once a month. There are lots of components to cut and prep so we need to dedicate time aside from other products. Sign up to receive Sploot updates here.

    sploot - dog settle mat

    Why Micro Batches?

    Being small is beneficial, it means we control the numbers and our own output. We're responsive to the demand, we don't overproduce and each batch gets our full attention.

    Manufacturing & Materials

    Sploot is made from the best Scottish manufactured cottons. These cottons are water resistant, durable and chemical free. All components that make this bag have been sourced from local manufacturers.

    fold out dog bed
    Care Tips
    Sploot is easy to care for, treat it like any other bag!
    • Wipe with a cloth and water, you can use a little washing detergent
    • Steam it! This is a great way to keep your Sploot clean
    • Brush with a stiff brush
    • Use a hand hoover to remove excess hair and fluffs 

    Product Information

    • Measurements flat 87 x 62cm
    • 100% cotton water resistant lining
    • Outer shell water resistant 100% cotton canvas
    • 2 big pockets for treats, frisbee, jumpers etc
    • D ring to attach poop bag holder

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