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Sploots - A dog settle mat

Sploots - A dog settle mat

  • What is a Sploot?

Sploot is a fast unbuttoning mat, ideal for training your dog to settle in a variety of situations. It's durable, water repellant and ready-made for all adventures.

  • Whats the difference between a Sploot and a Sploot Mini?
    1. The Sploot is bigger and suitable for larger breeds, two whippets or a whippet and a human. This OG Sploot has pockets and other additional features.
    2. The Sploot Mini is ideal for smaller dogs. The Mini doesn't have pockets but you can store things inside still.
    • How many linings are there to choose from?
      1. A Limited Edition Fluffy Grey
      2. Black Water Resistant Cotton
      3. Puffin Orange Water resistant Cotton
    • Why is the fluffy Sploot limited edition?

    This particular fluffy fabric was only found in a small quantity. As we produce everything ourselves so it's possible to make small specialised runs that are fun and unique! The fluffy Sploot is available in both sizes on Tuesday 18th April at 9am.

    • Can Sploots be machine washed?

    This is a tricky one! We recommend dry cleaning. You could technically machine wash a Sploot but this will remove the waterproof coating and soften the fabrics. You can read our care guide here.

      • How often are Sploots available to purchase?

      We make a micro batch of Sploots once a month. There are lots of components to cut and prep so we need to dedicate time aside from other products. Sign up to receive Sploot updates here.

      • What is the turn around time on a Sploot?

      We usually say 2 - 3 weeks for production but we underpromise and almost always over deliver.

      • Why buy a settle mat?

      A settle mat is beneficial for dogs especially in new spaces. Sploot provides a sense of comfort and safety. Ultimately if your dog is comfortable and happy you will all enjoy the time spent together more, here's where we find Sploot helpful.

      • Settle at a dog friendly restaurant
      • Take it to the pub
      • Use at the studio or office
      • Picnics in the park, if you get a big one it fits one human and one dog.
      • Al fresco dining
      • Public transport friendly, we put ours on the seat.

      The new fluffy Sploot goes on sale on Thursday 11th May at 9am.

      Apr 16, 2023

      I would love to buy the mat!!
      My whippet refuses to sit or lay down on hard surfaces…
      This is just perfect!
      Do you have an estimate price for it?
      Where can I order, please?
      Many thanks in advance.
      Kind Regards,


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