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whippet coats for all seasons

whippet coats for all seasons

We make coats for every whippet activity, in this post Natalie tells us about her life in Scotland with her Whiggy. Dennis has an extensive wardrobe and so we wanted to ask Natalie what she likes about Occam and which designs she's found most useful.

• Natalie could you tell us a little bit about yourself and Dennis?

Me, Dennis and my boyfriend live in Dennistoun in the east end of Glasgow. I work for the NHS as a senior biomedical scientist. I’ve grown up with dogs but Dennis is my first sighthound. Where we live there are loads of sighthounds and we just completely fell in love with them. We had a bit of a debate about whether we wanted an iggy or a whippet so when we found Dennis it was absolutely perfect and we really do have the best of both worlds with him. He’s the most chilled dog ever, I love taking him everywhere I go. Our perfect day would be a nice long walk in the park then an evening chilling in the pub with friends. We’re very spoiled where we live with nice places to go for walks and lots of dog friendly bars/pubs/cafes etc. Now lockdown restrictions are lifting we’re having the best time checking out more dog friendly places in and around Glasgow.

• What do you like most about whippets and what do you like about Occam as a brand?

They have the most amazing personalities and such a sweet gentle nature. I love how chilled out and laid-back they are but also so playful and affectionate. 

Also, I may be biased but I just think they are the most beautiful dogs too, I think they look majestic. I love how every piece from Occam compliments the whippet physique so perfectly. 

As a brand I also love how Occam is so focussed on sustainability and reducing their carbon footprint. I will be the first to admit I have been guilty of buying outfits for Dennis without thinking about where the fabrics are coming from. Occam has really changed my outlook on this. When I buy a piece from Occam I know it is something Dennis is going to get so much use out of for years to come. 

• A new whippet owner asks you what coat you could recommend from Occam, what style would it be and why?

This is a hard one because I always recommend both the Søren and the Judd. I think the Judd though, it’s just so practical and the quality is amazing. I’m actually kicking myself for not buying it sooner. Dennis will chill around the flat in it, go for walkies and zoomies in it and then wear it to the pub. It’s the only onesie your whippet/iggy will ever need.

• You're packing for a night at the pub, which Occam coat do you choose for your pup to wear and why?

Dennis’ go-to pub outfit is either his black Judd or his block panel onesie. Both are super comfy and ideal for inside the pub or in a beer garden. 

I wear a lot of black and grey myself so I like to match with Dennis when we go out. He still always looks better than me though - haha.

• What have been your favourite comments from passers by whilst wearing Occam?

“That dogs better dressed than me” 

“That’s the best dressed dog I’ve ever seen” 

“Your dog has a better wardrobe than me” 

We’ve heard it all! Dennis has become a bit of a local celeb because of his outfits and his Occam pieces always receive so many compliments. 

• Which Occam coat would you recommend for a wet and muddy walk in Scottish weather?

100% the Søren! Living in Glasgow, I knew I would have to invest in a decent waterproof coat for Dennis. I looked at so many online but kept going back to the Søren. Nothing else compared style wise and it’s hands down the best thing I’ve ever bought him. It provides ultimate weather protection without compromising on style. The simple and elegant but very practical style is what really attracted me to it. In Glasgow it’s rains approximately 170 days a year so the Søren gets the most use out of all his Occam pieces - but it still looks brand new. It dries so quickly and any mud literally just wipes away. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

• We get asked how to take our garments on and off a lot and whether legs on a dog coat are necessary. Have you any tips for first time whippet owners? 

Legs on a whippet/iggy coat are definitely necessary! Even when I don’t think it’s that cold Dennis’ legs are shivering away. They do really feel the cold. 

When putting anything on Dennis I always put his head through first then front legs one by one then the same with the back legs. Depending on the garment the back legs can be tricky but I’ve never had an issue with anything from Occam. The Søren comes with poppers in the back legs to make it super easy to get on and off. 

I’m lucky Dennis likes getting clothes on but I know a lot of dogs don’t so I’d recommend having lots of treats to give them to get the clothes on the first few times and make it a nice experience for them. 

• Occam has just launched a new design - the Wren sleeveless jumper. What do you think of the cut of Wren? What would you use it for? Is it ideal for UK / Scottish adventures?

I absolutely love the Wren. The cut at the front legs and chest is so unique, I love how it looks on Dennis. As the weather has been improving we’ve been using the Wren for evenings in beer gardens and BBQS in the park. When the temperature drops in the evenings it’s the perfect layer to throw on. Dennis is also guilty of not always having the best aim so the cut at the legs and the chest is ideal. Very practical and so elegant - It’s such a beautiful jumper.

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