Fleece Whippet Jumper - Fluro Flint


As the light fades and we head into deep winter our brand new fluro fleece is ideal to brighten up your walks and keep tabs on your dog in the wilderness. Flint provides extra warmth by covering the front legs and can be layered with a Kipper coat easily!

Some suggestions on when we found Flint useful -

  • Pub garden's in the evening
  • Coastal walks
  • Beach BBQ's
  • Evening drinks when the human wants to keep their coat on too!
  • Windy days
  • Early morning dewy adventures
  • Picnics in the park
Care and washing instructions •
Use mild detergent
Delicate machine wash 30
Launder on a reduced cycle, 30 minutes maximum
Dry flat
Never tumble dry

Style • Flint is compatible with a perfect fit harness and collar or both. 

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