Wool Whippet Coats - Quinn


Quinn is a key piece in our collection - it's refined, elegant and made from natural fibres. Boiled wool is naturally water repellant, a fantastic insulator and is super soft against your Whippets coat.

What's great about Quinn?

  • Made from natural fibres, it could be composted when its lifetime is over.
  • The design has been tested over years and by many sighthounds and their owners to ensure it's fit for purpose.
  • It's handmade in London by a skilled seamstress who is paid a fair wage.
  • Quinn is an original Occam product, designed especially for your whippet and lifestyle.
Fabric composition • Made from 100% Boiled Wool.
Care and washing instructions  Hand wash cold, dried flat. Please use a mild detergent and never wring or squeeze this product. Wool is naturally elasticated and will pull out of shape if mistreated when wet. Never tumble dry.
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