Beuys Combined

The Beuys combined campaign looks to explore the formal values of Occam through an artistic intervention, by creating an additional handcrafted jumper for humans.
The undulating fabric, rich in body and texture, reveals an undeniable connection between human and dog, providing an outline of the combined figures much like a line drawing. It is an expression that views dog and owner as combined equals questioning where one begins and the other one ends.
The bold expression is almost sculptural in quality, like a still life, sharing the intimacy and connection of a surface crafted from natural fibres.
Occam offers an alternative, but serious convention to dog wear. It is an extension of the human, elegant in surface, cut and style. Beuys Combined merges both dog and owner into one abstracted composition expressing the artistic notion of craftsmanship and style.
Photographer - Victoria Siddle
Art Direction - Nadja Ellen Occam Penfold
A special thanks to Ashley Ball at Store and Archive