Grey Whippet Jumper - Flint


Flint is a practical and elegant design perfect for enjoying the outdoors and our ever-changing climate. Whether sitting out on a chilly evening or exploring and adventuring on your daily walks, Flint provides extra warmth by covering the front legs, leaving the back free for our in-between-weather days. If you're packing an extra layer for yourself, pack Flint for your whippet too.

Some suggestions on when we found Flint useful -

  • Pub garden's in the evening
  • Coastal walks
  • Beach BBQ's
  • Evening drinks when the human wants to keep their coat on too!
  • Windy days
  • Early morning dewy adventures
  • Picnics in the park

Fabric composition • 90% GOTS Organic Combed Cotton, 10% Poly.

Care and washing instructions •
Use mild detergent
Delicate machine wash 30
Launder on a reduced cycle, 30 minutes maximum
Dry flat
Never tumble dry
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