Production + Environmental Awareness

Our garments are made in small batches in our London studio by Occam’s founder, Nadja, and Larysa, a talented seamstress. Everything remains in house and therefore enables us to be as responsible with our resources as possible. We started out with a made to order business model and now with increased demand produce stock in small batches.

Materials + Manufacturing
We are dedicated to providing the most responsible Sighthound clothing available. Materials are researched extensively before use resulting in resilient and timeless garments that live beyond season.
Where possible we use UK made fabrics and are committed to supporting the manufacturing industry in the UK.

Environmental Awareness
Occam strives to be as sustainable as possible and is built on the philosophy of longevity and wearability.
How you choose to wash your garment can greatly increase its lifecycle and in turn its carbon footprint.
We recommend to only wash your garments when needed, spot cleaning where possible. This will extend each garment's lifecycle while saving water and energy.
Please see the care label attached to each garment for individual washing instructions.
Wash dark colours separately and avoid drying in direct sun as exposure to sunlight can cause colours to fade.

It is our passionate belief that the garment industry should be as environmentally and socially responsible as possible. This is at the heart of everything we do. Keep it local and keep it simple.

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