Care Guide

Caring for your Occam products

How you choose to wash your products can greatly increase its lifecycle and in turn its carbon footprint. We recommend to only wash your garments when needed, spot cleaning where possible. This will extend each garment's lifecycle while saving water and energy.

Every waterproof product can be wiped clean very easy between uses!

Hand-wash itemsQuinn & Shrimp

Use mild detergent
Hand wash cold
never wring or squeeze
Never tumble dry.

Machine washable items - Flint, Judd, Søren, Riley and Wren

Use mild detergent
Delicate machine wash 30
Launder on a reduced cycle, 30 minutes maximum
Dry flat
Never tumble dry

Wash dark colours separately
Avoid drying in direct sun as exposure to sunlight can cause colours to fade.

Sploot Care Guide Tips