Grain & Knot

August 2018

Grain and Knot


I have made so many wonderful connections since owning Seymour; many like minded and creative individuals who share a similar lifestyle. Since Occam is a lifestyle brand which encompasses the city, I thought it fitting to give you as my customers an insight into our story. Occam has grown my network and so I’d like to introduce my followers to these amazing people who have become my friends. Here's mine and Sophie's story: 


Grain and Knot

 Sophie and I followed each other on social media before we ever met in person. We'd been in contact via Instagram a little before I spotted her and her whippet Stanley in person in our local park. From that point we have become really good friends, sharing our experiences around running a small business and walking our whippets together regularly.

Sophie is a very talented designer, maker and spoon carver. She runs monthly Grain & Knot woodwork workshops here in London - I attended a two hour spoon carving workshop earlier this year at Bonds in Hackney. There's so much accuracy and concentration needed when you're carving. The techniques are so different to anything I use within my design process. I found it frustrating and addictive at the same time and admit I became a little competitive along side the other participants -  and obsessive about making a perfect spoon.
Sophie works in her studio at the bottom of her very lovely garden - it’s a fantastic space with wood chips everywhere; it feels full of creativity and process. I took these photos of her working a few weeks ago.
Go take a look at Sophies beautiful products or to book a carving workshop - Grain & Knot
Sophie Sellu - Grain and KnotGrain and KnotSophie Sellu - Grain and Knot