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Wayward Studio
19th June 2020
Lockdown feature with Wayward Studio - click here to read and listen
Occam London X Wayward Studio
The Telegraph, Sunday 10th November 2019
Whippet Coats UKThe Telegraph, Whippet
Brexit Whippet
The Guardian, Saturday 26th October 2019
Italian Greyhound Coat UK
The Guardian, Brexit WhippetItalian Greyhound Coats
The Times, Monday 21st October 2019
Whippet Coats
Brexit whippet, The TimesWhippet Clothing
The Evening Standard, Thursday 9th May 2019
Italian Greyhound coats UK
Brexit whippet
EU Whippet
PAQ May 2019
Occam (and Seymour) featured in the latest episode of PAQ alongside influencer Danny Lomas. Seymour and Danny wear matching Beuys jumpers in black.
Shot by Jamie A WatersPAQ - Danny Lomas
Peoples Vote March 23rd March 2019
 I made this design for Seymour to wear at The Peoples Vote March. I thought it important to use my platform to voice my feeling on Brexit, so along with two million people we marched through the streets of London to Parliament Square. Seymour devoured all the attention he received - we couldn't walk 2 steps without being stopped for a photo. This image was published across all major broadsheets including The Guardian, The Independent, The ObserverThe Daily Mail, The Evening Standard,  The Washington Post and El Pais. I'm ecstatic my design made it into national news for such an important event especially considering this was the biggest political protest in British history.
The design is a little off brand for Occam but for a worthy cause - Brexit will have a detrimental effect on small business' here in the UK. I ship products abroad each week with a large quantity sent within the EU. There is now a huge uncertainty over import and export post Brexit.
No man is an island.
Brexit March - Brexit Whippet

The South East London Journal, June 2018
Occam has been featured in Junes edition of The South East London Journal, it's our first bit of press since launching at the end of February so we're really excited. It's stocked in more than 100 places in London and has a readership of 64,000. Thanks so much to Jessica and Polly for including us! 
The South East London Journal / @selondonjournal
You can read the digital issue here
South East London Journal - Occam London
South East London Journal - Occam London
South East London Journal - Occam London
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