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The Best Whippet Coat For You

The Best Whippet Coat For You

The shape of each garment included in this blog is similar but the fabric composition is different. We use different fabrics for different purposes, this blog should help you to understand which design is right for your whippet and the lifestyle you lead together!

Wren - Cotton

whippet jumper in grey cotton

Wren Price Point £60

Sewn from natural fibres, The Wren Whippet Jumper is super soft and comfortable against a whippets coat. We sometimes make one of a kind Wrens in Limited Edition colours.

  • Super soft and comfortable against fur
  • Made from GOTS organic cotton woven in the UK
  • Good insulation for indoor and outdoor activities
  • Warmth 4/5

Seuss - Fleece

Seuss Price Point £45

Seuss, our Fleece Whippet Jumper is for short walks around the block or muddy zooms in the park. If you like brighter colours we have just released a Fluro Kermit Fleece.

  • Dries Quickly
  • Easily care, just don't tumble dry!
  • Good for short active walks, zooms and mud.
  • Warmth 3/5

Shrimp - Boiled Wool

boiled wool whippet jumper

Shrimp Price Point £80

Boiled wool is warm and hardwearing. If you're in a cold climate or out in cold temps for longer periods of time this is the right pick for you. Boiled wool has longevity within its structure, customers have kept these coats for 4+ years and counting.

  • Dried mud brushes off easily
  • Naturally water repellent
  • Good for longer walks, city wanders and very cold temps
  • Warmth 5/5

Kipper - Soft Shell

Kipper Price Point £60

Soft shell is 100% waterproof, it doesn't need to be resprayed or treated. Softshell is a bonded fabric. The outside shell is waterproof and the bonded lining is fleece. The front panel is sewn from a stretch fabric for comfort. Kipper can be layered with a Flint or Cecil for extra warmth.

  • Fast Drying
  • Easy to wipe down between washes
  • Great for rainy walks and dogs who roll in things
  • Warmth 4/5

Helpful tips for first time buyers

  • Each Occam garment is professionally graded to our size chart. Grading a system that you use to fit clothing across size ranges.
  • There's no "sizing up or down". For example, if you buy a Kipper in a size 7 you can also buy every other design in a size 7.
  • All Occam garments are harness compatible, we advise wearing a harness over the top of a coat not under.

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