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Top Three Spring Essentials

Me and Seymour go on adventures together and so naturally everything I design has come to fruition because of him. I've used my knowledge as a designer and whippet owner to created products that enhance our experiences together and sometimes selfishly stay at the pub a little longer .. 

Here are three things I wouldn't do our spring adventures without!

Kipper, a sleeveless raincoat

    Imagine you're off on an adventure, it's cloudy with a chance of rain .. Whippets don't like rain but given the right coverage they can often be persuaded - Kipper is 100% waterproof if you get caught in a spring downpour.

    Kipper comes in sizes 5 - 9

    Whippet Waterproof Coat

     Wren, a cotton layer

      Picture this, you've decided to take your whippet out for a drink at your local pub garden, theres a great view and you're enjoying your pint. The suns gone and the chill creeps in all of a sudden, your whippet is shivering but you've packed a Wren jumper so you can happily finish your drink without giving up your own jacket. 

      Wren comes in sizes 5 - 9

      Sploot, a fluffy settle mat

        You plan to go out with your family for dinner, everyone knows you treat your whippet like a child and so they end up on your lap halfway through the main course. Not anymore! The Sploot can be used on the floor, rested on a bench or even a chair to entice your whippet to settle away from you and your main course.

        The Sploot comes in two sizes, The Sploot Mini is big enough for whippets sized 5 - 9

        Dog Settle Mat

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